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2012-06-18 (0.5.0)
  • Compatibility upgrades
    • Now works with Illyriad's UIv3 (released yesterday)
    • Player medals are now shown in chat and in player context menus
    • Improved parsing of initial chat history (more efficient and more reliable/consistent across browsers)
  • New Features:
    • Moved buy and sell forms to top of trade list pages
    • Best input re-focused on closing Butler panel
    • Drop shadows removed from stock text elements and link hover effects for improved readability
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Butler control panel tabs/location once again saved (was broken for several versions)
  • Other:
    • Codebase improvements for general context menu handling and data parsing, paving the way for replacing all stock context menus with more robust Butler-style equivalents
2012-04-22 (0.4.0)
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed URL rewrite to handle URLs with parameters (like market resource pages)
    • Contextual input focus is now restored when closing the control panel
    • Updated for compatibility with the latest Illyriad update (which now uses a much newer version of jQuery)
  • New Features:
    • Added simple analytical details to unit tooltips
    • Added option to automatically open/close the control/chat panel on hover (defaults to off)
    • Buy and sell forms moved to top of market trading pages
    • Butler now remembers which tabs/panes were in view between visits to Illyriad
2012-01-23 (0.3.4)
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Corrected minor discrepancy in chat timestamps
  • New Features:
    • World map now shows in nav panel (view only, cannot navigate or get cell menus)
    • Chat now supports unit and town data shorthand (i.e. the System news flashes)
      • Player data creates Butler-style player menus
      • Town data creates direct links into the world map
    • Chat now supports unit info shorthand (i.e. [@i=5|305])
    • Detailed tooltips added for unit icons both in chat and throughout the stock interface
      • Option to disable available, but existing 0.3.x users must clear template storage to see it
      • Description text will be large for existing 0.3.x users until static storage is cleared
  • Tweaks:
    • Chat emote/unit icon/unit size reduced to better fit chat text
2012-01-09 (0.3.3)
  • Tweaks:
    • Tweaked auto-focus rule-handling code
      • Restored auto-focus on MapX in the world map
      • Stopped auto-focusing on "Quit Alliance" when visiting one's own alliance page by specific id
      • Fixed trade orders page failing to select gold input after/when the target city is picked
    • Stopped auto-switching to Butler's nav panel when viewing email listings (listings are still scraped for use, though this feature will be deprecated and removed unless I hear some interest in keeping it)
2011-09-11 (0.3.2)
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed rare focus-altering bug (infrequent background non-page requests causing focus to update).
    • Improved usage reporting (now tells me how you're loading Butler and what version you're targeting—i.e. static version, latest, or dev).
      • This required an update to the loaders themselves, and users of old versions of the auto-version-picking "latest" and "dev" loaders will be prompted to update their loader even though they still automatically get the new version of Butler itself.
    • Made minor changes to the storage key naming convention for greater consistency in future handling of expanded storage data.
      • Storage report is now also sorted intentionally for cross-browser-consistency (chrome sorts the report implicitly) and is more orderly with the new storage key conventions.
    • Made minor bug fixes in code review (mostly affecting rarely or not-at-all used internal features).
2011-09-07 (0.3.1)
  • New Features:
    • Added bookmarklet method of "installing" Butler.
    • Rebuilt logging system.
      • now has more robust support for native/Firebug capabilities
      • supports FBug Lite (if loaded first)
      • now compatible with Firebug 1.8.0
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Corrected minor resizing issue with webkit-based browsers.
    • Corrected compatibility break on Chrome with recent Illyriad update (redeclared new Array.prototype method as non-enumerable).
  • Known Issues:
    • Firefox 3.6.x is not supported past 3.6.16 (3.6.18 breaks localStorage).
2011-07-27 (0.3.0)
  • New Features:
    • All email controls moved to top of page (across top: Compose New, Mark Read, Mark Unread, Delete).
    • In-game pages now automatically focus on the first input (especially handy when typing to find selection in a dropdown).
    • Various "orders" pages automatically move focus to the first useful input when selecting a target location or visiting the page with target location already specified.
    • Added new storage report and clearing facilities to the settings page for debugging and troubleshooting purposes.
    • The list of supported smileys is now accessible directly in the chat pane (no need to switch to chat settings sub-pane).
  • Bug Fixes:
    • New alliance timestamp format now properly parsed on startup (note that you can already see how old a message really is in Butler chat, by mousing over the post time).
    • Bug causing multiple links in chat to show as one long (incorrect) link fixed.
    • Restored/verified all special player (GM, MOD, System) colors
    • Restored horizontal scrolling on individual chat messages that will not wrap.
    • Potentially fixed issue with player names containing apostrophes.
    • Fixed bug where occasionally (every 500 messages) the full chatlog would be reposted along with a new message.
    • Issue causing fresh installations to initially see blank chat page fixed.
    • All emoticons now working.
2011-06-19 (0.2.0)
  • New Features:
    • Selection control checkbox in mail listing now cycles between selecting unread, read, all, and none (instead of just all/none).
    • New wiki tab offers quick lookups (and browsing) on Arcanum Illyria.
      • Current and future features will provide relevant shortcuts to in-UI wiki pages whenever useful.
    • Chat context menus now offer shortcut options to highlighting players/alliances as well as looking them up on the wiki (using the new wiki tab).
      • Chat context menus now toggle between showing player and alliance options to keep the option listing minimal.
2011-06-16 (0.1.0)
  • New Features:
    • URLs in chat pointing to in-game resources (i.e. update the page instead of opening a new browser tab.
    • In-game URLs can now be shared in shorthand form (i.e. #/Communication/Chat) and will work the same as those described above.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • The "party" emoticon is now working.
  • Other Changes:
    • Chat panes now retain up to 500 messages each (even after redrawing the chat pane—was previously 110).
2011-06-16 (0.1a2)
  • New Features:
    • Chat history is now initially populated even when using the loader.
    • Player names in /me text are now clickable for chat menus.
    • Links which point to the current location now dynamically reload the sub-page.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • bugfix: Chat context menus now work on Orc players.
    • bugfix: Native tooltips now keep working (and always display the correct ones on Town Map).
    • bugfix: Chat menus now have the proper link for alliance profiles (note: old installations will need to access a context menu while log level is at "No Template Cache" to get the fix).
  • Other Changes:
    • Players not in alliances no longer get automatically-derived alliance color of red (instead, no color at all).
2011-06-14 (0.1a1)
Initial preview released.