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Please direct feedback, troubleshooting requests, and bug reports here. For the latter two, please include as much information as possible, including browser version and OS. In Butler's settings tab, set log level to "Verbose," reload/reproduce the issue, and copy as much log data as you can get from either your browser's console or the log tab in Butler itself. If possible, copy full HTML from Butler's log tab, so that the object data embedded in tooltips might be preserved. If you're concerned about the privacy of your account information (and the logs may include sensitive data), you can instead send the logs via in-game email. Be sure to start your own section in the page, and sign all your edits, treating the section as a discussion thread.

Known Issues

  • Checkboxes in the sidebars turn into image-based toggles when visiting an in-game page that applies such styles (i.e. #/Communication/Chat), then creates additional toggles for each checkbox item if the page is visited again.
    • Problem is caused by Illyriad code and fixing it is not feasible.
    • Workaround: click the tab/button for a selected sidebar pane, and its contents will reload, resetting any checkboxes inside.
  • In webkit browsers, the wiki tab reloads its contents every time the right side panel is opened or closed.
    • Cannot be fixed (the reloading is caused by detaching/reattaching the table, which must occur to work around a webkit rendering bug that scrambles the table cells are hidden/shown). Non-webkit browsers will not have this behavior, as the workaround is selectively applied.
  • In Chrome only, the send orders screen (after selecting a destination) selects the first destination field instead of the first resource input.
    • Under investigation
  • With the upgrade to server "elgea," Butler no longer appears to run at all.
    • The actual issue is with a silently rolled out change to server startup, where important parts of the page are now dynamically set after page load. Butler needs additional handling to force it to wait until these parts of the page are finished being set, and will be getting this shortly. In the interim, Butler can still be used by running the bookmarklet loader after the page is fully loaded.
    • The delayed-load behavior that came with the server upgrade has been reverted, most likely due to other bugs with the implementation itself—many players were unable to log into Illyriad with the new system. It may return once the kinks are ironed out, until which time Butler will not be bothering to ensure compatibility with this mechanic.

Feature Requests

  • In profile page, link to message the player who's profile is being viewed. --The Duke
  • Embedded distance/time calculator for caravan and unit travel. -- bucky.

Bug Reports

  • In chat, any player name containing an apostrophe will not display the pop-up menu correctly. Will reproduce next possible opportunity and send log via igm. -- bucky.