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  • Alliance: Harmless (H?)
  • Highest Rank: 1 (Friday, 21 May 2010)

My Sandbox

My TODO List - Articles


Quick Notes

Sample regex for converting building charts:


Sample regex for swapping/resetting resource columns:


Sovereign structure data

Downgrade times

  • Training Ground 4 to 3: 3m 45s
  • Training Ground 3 to 2: 2m
  • Training Ground 2 to 1: 1m 15s
  • Training Ground 1 to 0: 35s?
  • Farmstead 1 to 0: 45s

Chart template

Building and upkeep costs
Level Build Cost Hourly Upkeep
Natural resource
Natural resource
Natural resource
Natural resource
Measured span of time
either expressed as components ([Ad] [Bh] [Cm] [Ds])
or one to three ordinals ([[hhh:]mm:]ss).
Times are always exact to the second.
Rate of wood consumption
Expressed in units per hour
Wood per Hour
Rate of clay consumption
Expressed in units per hour
Clay per Hour
Rate of iron consumption
Expressed in units per hour
Iron per Hour
Rate of stone consumption
Expressed in units per hour
Stone per Hour
1 ????? 150150150150
2 ????? 300300300300
3 ????? 600600600600
4 ????? 1,2001,2001,2001,200
5 ????? 2,4002,4002,4002,400

Location categorization

Tiles (category)

  • unique page per tile

[Terrain] Tiles (category)

  • non-unique page per tile in x terrain

NPC Tiles (category)

  • non-unique page per tile that subclasses NPC Structure
  • NPC Structures redirects here.

Terrains (category)

  • page per terrain type

Each tile page categorized as:

 [NPC Tiles;] Terrain Tiles; Map Tiles

Each terrain page categorized as:


subcategorization of terrains possible (passable, sailable, settlable, etc.) but unnecessary junk if, as suspected, there are only ~10 actual terrain types.

see also: Will need to make sidebar templates to standardize information.

Random information

             Troop    Resource Cost
Level  Multiplier    High  Low 
0        1                0        0 
1        1.428571   2700  1100 
2        1.818182  5400   2200 
3        2.105263  8100   3300 
4        2.285714  10800 4400 
5        2.38806    13500 5500
6        2.442748  16200 6600 
7        2.471042  18900 7700 
8        2.485437  21600 8800 
9        2.492697  24300 9900 
10      2.496343  27000 11000  
  • When building levels are lowered below the level required to research a unit-enabling upgrade, the unit is still able to be produced if the research is already done.
    • This is no longer the case.
  • Settlers are not killed by military attacks.
  • Sieges will bounce off of friendly occupation--siege attacks must be first to arrive, before their support.
    • This is no longer the case
  • "Covert" operations are visible as unknown parties to non-allies.
  • Storehouse capacity DOES limit all resources other than gold, research, and mana.
    • Resource categorization will need to reflect this.
  • 0-pop towns can be conquered or razed by siege without siege engines.


  • XP reward for killing a critter is believed to match the critter's upkeep.
  • Gold reward for killing a critter may match the critter's upkeep (analysis/research needed)
  • (quoting Feral) I have asked and checked the Forum. I have come to believe, on these as well as my own first hand experience, that a gamer can see diplos coming IN, but not going back to its city after the attack. I am told that any other gamer can follow the diplo home, but the gamer attacked cannot. This has been confirmed twice by myself.
  • NPCs respawn 4 times a day at the 6-hour mark server time (midnight, 6am, noon, 6pm)
    • NPCs that are already occupying a square will not be replaced if troops are incoming, but...
    • NPCs will spawn on empty squares with troops incoming.


  • Are NPCs affected by sovereignty's defensive penalties against hostile occupations? (probably not, as the sovereign claim itself is not affected)