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Tips for editing/review of latest edits

  • The Special:RecentChanges link in the navigation bar on the left already shows me all new pages and edits, and I review them regularly. Most people's edits also have a red exclamation mark next to them until I or another appropriately authorized member "Mark as Patrolled" that edit. The only edits that don't are the ones by users with the authority to mark their own articles (my own are automatically "Patrolled" for example).
  • It is not necessary to type <br> into pages most of the time. Two hard returns will produce the same result, and mediawiki will interpret the latter as a change in paragraph or break between numbered lists, etc.
  • Assistance regarding how to handle specific data (like disambiguation pages and when/where to use templates) does already exist, on the Help:Contents page (same as the help link on side navigation bar).
    • There's plenty of general aid for learning wiki syntax and the like linked as well.
  • Editors can already get directions and find their way around where work is in progress by following the Arcanum Illyria:Current events link as well (again, same as the link on side navigation bar).
    • That page also instructs users on how to handle creating new articles, explicitly links to a listing of all {{stub}} pages.
  • 'Sovereignty Research (system)' muddies the distinction between the research tree and the system it covers as documented under 'Sovereignty (system).' The naming conventions already exist, however, that dictate Sovereignty Research should mirror Category:Sovereignty Research (by containing nothing but the template {{category}}, and assuming the page is not otherwise utilized, such as for a disambiguation page). I've updated the disambiguation page to better distinguish between the first and third items, and merged the tree listing into the category page, where it is mirrored by Sovereignty Research.
  • The Template:Infobox Research template exists for presenting research information, and it is much cleaner and easier to use in the wikitext as well as far more attractive in result. I'll have updated the new research pages to use it shortly, and there you'll be able to see how I used it. But you can also follow the link above for an example that utilizes (or at least includes) every field available (except additional fields available in obvious sequence with fields shown, like 'enable_research3').
    • Note that research entries are automatically made into links. Because of this, attempts to rename the link (i.e. [[Pagename|link name]] must be handled by replacing the bar ("|") with the special template {{!}}. I'll spare you the boring explanation, but it's necessary when a template turns text into links, and Template:Infobox Research includes this scenario in its example.
  • All alliance names need to go in a namespace that indicates which server they occupy (in anticipation of the inevitable additional servers). This is actually covered at the bottom of the wiki's main page. I've updated the link in your user talk page (and my own) accordingly.

Cheers, --HonoredMule 21:14, 9 September 2010 (UTC)

One more thing...I want to avoid copying text from the in-game interface (such as research descriptions). For one thing they tend to be a little too flowery and role-play based, where I want content here to be focused on expository usefulness. More importantly, however, I want all material here to be "original work" so that the wiki's independence can never be called into question or challenged. Things naturally change over time, and freedom of information is philosophically paramount. This is also why I've put a great deal of effort into producing all my own graphics including those that duplicate effort of the game interface, and will continue to do so, eventually iconifying all buildings, etc. --HonoredMule 22:42, 9 September 2010 (UTC)