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Vindorel covers roughly 92,144 square miles. Vindorel consists of mountain terrain with a small number of protected valleys.

Registry of Mines

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Registry of Rare Herbs

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There is believed to be 185 towns supporting a population of 1,155,600. The oldest city 09 Tacardi's Justice was founded January 22, 2011. Destroyer is the largest city with a population of 30,222.

Race Population
Human 504,081
Elf 230,213
Dwarf 278,380
Orc 142,926


There are 30 alliances in Vindorel. There are 25 independent towns with a population of 71,654.

Top 5 Alliances Population
The Southern Cross 287,229
Infamy 112,825
Valiant Crows 96,611
The Order 88,426
The Colonist Empire 78,423

Alliance Capital
Infamy R2
Stuff and Things This Land
Plunderin Orcs Horde Ace of 'Nomi


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