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Where Did all the Children Go?

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Quest Details
Where Did all the Children Go?
Type Diplomatic
Level 2
To Accept 2
Basic secondary resource
Casualties 4-6 scouts
Units >5 scouts
Basic equipment (resource)
Diplomatic Quests - Quests



It is a bright and cheerful day, but the usual sights of children playing are absent. In their place are the worried looks of parents and the angry shouts of accusation.

In the middle of the night dozens of them disappeared from their beds without any warning. There is hysteria all over town as you might well expect of the situation, but the voices from your townsfolk are unanimous—those children must be found and fast!

A peculiar stranger was seen lurking over the past few days, playing a piccolo and dancing to entertain the villagers. Word is that he lives in a little cottage in the hills. Unfortunately the location is particularly vague.

To complete this quest, you must
Successfully scout location xxx|yyy using >5 scouts (of any kind)

Successful Mission Report

Your scouts report that they located the children and found them all to be in great shape but with no recollection of the episode.

They also managed to acquire 10 most excellent swords.

Quest Completion

The hills were laden with bear traps and pitfalls, and some of your scouts fell afoul of these devices set by the hermit to protect himself.

They finally came across a quaint little house and found the children to be alive and well—apparently all he wanted was company.

In his hermetic lifestyle, he had also crafted nearly a dozen swords—as well as the devilish traps—which your scouts dutifully seize as part of his punishment.
x units did not return from the mission.

What you get
Basic equipment (resource)

Failed Mission Report

A bitter rainstorm led your scouts off course and they missed the hermit's house entirely, but did run into a set of fiendishly placed traps that killed some of them on sharp and pointed spikes. They returned to town with hang-dog expressions—and assurances they could give it another shot if you sent more of them.

x units did not return from the mission.