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{{tooltip|[[Image:icon-time-sm.png|alt={{{title|Time}}}]]|Time, in either named components (Ad Bh Cm Ds)<br>or ordinals (hhh:mm:ss).<br>Times are always exact to the second.}}
<span class="no-underline">{{tooltip|[[Image:icon-time-sm.png|alt={{{title|Time}}}|link={{{title|Time}}}]]|'''Measured span of time'''<br>either expressed as components ([Ad] [Bh] [Cm] [Ds])<br>or one to three ordinals <nowiki>([[hhh:]mm:]ss)</nowiki>.<br>Times are always exact to the second.}}</span>

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Measured span of time
either expressed as components ([Ad] [Bh] [Cm] [Ds])
or one to three ordinals ([[hhh:]mm:]ss).
Times are always exact to the second.