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This article shares an unofficial, third-party game modification. Arcanum Illyria does not verify or assert that any third-party scripts are compliant with Illyriad's terms of use, safe to run, or even operational. The potential risks of using untrustworthy and potentially rule-breaking scripts include without limitation: getting your in-game account banned; getting your in-game account hijacked or stolen, and getting other accounts and information stolen, including at banks and other secure websites. Do not use this script unless you both understand the risks and trust the author of this script.
For more information, see Illyriad's Rules Regarding Third-Party Tools, About Script Security and How to Spot Unsafe Scripts.

Author HonoredMule (User, Talk)
Type User Script
Version 0.11.4 (2011-01-08)
Description Upgrades the in-game UI
Replaced by Butler
Dependencies Firefox
Download (0.11.4)
Changelog - File History
User Scripts - Tools

HarmlessButler only works on the original user interface (now gone completely), and is superceded by Butler for UI2.

HarmlessButler was first designed by HonoredMule to address various extreme annoyances prevalent in Illyriad's original game interface. Over time, it grew into a comprehensive UI overhaul with many features focused on navigation, usability, and account oversight. Noteworthy improvements include addition of world map bookmarks, chat windows in sidebars, and robust navigation menus. The new UI elements are also littered with clickable areas that provide additional context menus and options for additional interaction between various cities and locations already being encountered or part of the same account.

In the early months, HB was provided only for fellow members of the alliance Harmless. Starting with version 0.9.12, it has now been publicly published for all players who wish to try it. No features were altered or removed for the public version, but canary traps embedded in the code to catch inter-alliance spies were removed.

Please note that some features do not fully work until every town has been visited and the towndata.xml downloaded and parsed (at the prompt). Downloading and parsing the latest towndata.xml takes some time, and players will need to be patient and click "continue" or "ignore" when warned about unresponsive scripts.


Current Features

  • System clock made more readable
  • Useless resource polling replaced with live updates for rate-based resources
    • With auto-join chat disabled, login sessions can now expire
  • Popup menus appear instantly and have larger, easier click targets
  • All tooltips are replaced with a hover div that appears instantly
  • Navbar Menus (less clicking, bigger click targets, more informative and comprehensive navigation options, and fewer page loads to get around)
  • Town tags, grouping, and notes to help organize and administer their development
    • Grouping affects town listings on various menus and the town switcher--if towns are not assigned to groups this feature does nothing
    • Tagging adds descriptive icons to town listings (with more tags to come)
    • Notes are any desired text, shown with resource levels and tags on the town switcher's overview hover
  • Improved City Switcher
    • Auto-dropdown div reduces clicking and provides larger click/hover targets
    • If available at the next city, view is kept on the same building/function currently shown (even if building location varies)
    • Next and previous buttons added
    • Towns optionally sorted by groups
    • Each town's resources, tags, and notes shown on rollover
    • Context menu accessible from the right with useful links like "send resources" and "send army"
  • Extensive information management drawer-like sidebar with three areas:
    • Slender always-visible panel showing descriptive event icons for all towns and user-generated events (such as launch timers)
    • On hover with hover-expansion enabled, an expanded side panel with more thorough description of events, player/town data on over over an event, and plenty of content-navigating links (to players, towns, map view of towns, etc.)
    • On click of a button, a large tabbed page for managing user settings and other future features in addition to the expanded event view
  • Sidebar-integrated chat windows and more user-friendly chat access and management
    • Optional always-on alliance chat polling with new message alert icon
    • URLs in chat converted to links
  • Event list-integrated launch timers (set persistent custom timers with descriptive instructions, to help you maintain an organized overview of your attack plans)
  • Idle building/construction/research events let you know when production/activity queues will complete soon.
  • User-generated data can be synced to for backup/sharing data across computers (all data is private and unique to the uploader, even if someone else uploads data for the same in-game account)
    • Later, users may be able to view all saved timers across game accounts in a consolidated list, outside the game
Send Army Page
  • Army sending forms now default to sending missions as covert
Mail List Page
  • Delete, prev, and next buttons moved to top of mail list (no more scrolling and mousing across the page)
World Map
  • Links to the world map now default to fully zoomed out.
  • Party descriptions now include general compass direction of travel (i.e. N-NW)
  • Visible parties now show extensive detail on mouseover, including live timers.*
  • Bookmark locations, controlled entirely from the World Map navbar menu.
  • Diplomatic parties now use unique color-coded icons (depends on party information)*
*Features disabled at GM's request
Town View
  • Improved town map's zoomed view response
  • Removed town map's zoomed view (building levels appear instantly on hover)
Unit and Resource Production Pages
  • Hovering over entry form shows total quantity producible with current resources and current daily production rate

Upcoming Features


Mail View Page
  • Quick access to mail HTML source (and later automatic conversion to wiki-text)
  • Custom background and text colors for chat panes (likely not happening unless the chat API changes to one providing raw data instead of pre-rendered html)

Wish List

  • Information lookup panels (simple form that lets you search for users, alliances, towns, etc.--the result is comprehensive listing of connected data and contextually useful in-game links)
Mail List Page
  • "Select New" button, handy for clearing out spam that doesn't need to be read
  • Highlight player messages
Mail View Page
  • Add a delete button

Known Issues

  • Syncing user timers requires an active login at Harmless' private wiki. Without requiring any changes to the script itself, this will later be relaxed on the back end to an active login at Arcanum Illyria (this wiki) instead.


2010-01-08 (0.11.4)
  • Town coordinates added to sync data so Arcanum Illyria can name cities with users' launch timers
2010-11-28 (0.11.3)
  • Bugfix: uninitialized towns no longer fail to parse new town map on a fresh install
2010-10-29 (0.11.2)
  • Added building/research queue completion events
  • Bugfix: timers once again update live when editing attack plans
2010-10-25 (0.11.1)
  • Building menu icons finished
  • Storehouse capacity and town date founded+population now tracked and shown in town switcher's overview hover
    • Live resource update no longer shows more resources than can be stored.
  • Added unit tags for siege and (general) diplomacy
2010-10-25 (0.11.0)
  • Sidebar tabs better documented
  • Sovereignty category added to mail menu
  • Menus more consistently given whitespace on bottom to prevent accidental closing
  • Hover info on events now includes rough estimate of hours:minutes:seconds remaining
  • Production pages now show (on form hover) amount producible with current resources and daily production capacity
  • Production overview (per building, not resource) added to city tab
  • Production buildings about to complete their queue now show as sidebar events with descriptive icons
    • Details are controlled with city tab (ignore specific buildings) and settings (ignore queues past empty or not empty for a very long time)
  • Town switcher now avoids reloading action pages (could previously happen when an attempted action fails and is followed by town switch by rightmost menu--the switcher itself)
2010-10-23 (0.10.1)
  • Town grouping can be now disabled for the town switcher (groups shown with hover data instead)
  • Town switcher numbers towns
  • Coordinate entry form added to world map menu (quick jump to arbitrary location without first visiting world map)
2010-10-22 (0.10.0)
  • New features: town grouping, notes, and tagging
    • Grouping affects town listings on various menus and the town switcher
    • Tagging adds descriptive icons to town listings (with more tags to come)
    • Notes are any desired text, shown with resource levels and tags on the town switcher's overview hover
    • These features are managed using a new sidebar tab
  • Existing and new user data now can be synced on a separate sidebar tab
    • Sync support now also available to all players with an account at Arcanum Illyria
    • Sync operation always uses encryption (it is up to you to use https when logging into the site for full security)
  • Better maintenance of building information (buildings are updated when viewing their main page as well as when viewing the town map)
2010-10-05 (0.9.13)
  • Resource counts with more than 9 characters (including commas) no longer overflow the display area
  • Bug fixed: cities without Covert Operations unable to send troops because invisible checkbox checked
2010-09-20 (0.9.12)
  • Town switcher now keeps track of the (city) building viewed even if locations change, switches to town view if building doesn't exist at new city
2010-08-10 (0.9.11)
  • Buildings menu shows identifying (resource) icons with building levels (storage and consulate icons not yet live)
2010-08-02 (0.9.10)
  • Town menu includes Quests link in place of Civic Research if a tavern is present
  • Live resource updating can now be disabled in the settings panel
  • Non-functional instructions for sync via Mozilla Weave removed
  • Bookmarks now displayed in alphabetical order
2010-08-02 (0.9.9)

New Features:

  • Resource display now uses commas
  • Completion time now included in mouseovers when end time column is hidden
  • Event icons now clickable (produces context menu for destination)
  • Original economics menu now consolidated into town menu map, sovereignty link added
  • Economics menu replaced with buildings menu (categorized alphabetical listing of all structures built, except wall)
  • All map links now force the maximum view radius
  • Integration added with new sync server for saving/copying timer data

Bug Fixes:

  • Sieging armies now display correct icon
  • Feedback area now sits behind side panel and other dynamic page elements
  • Town reader updated for compatibility with graphics update
2010-07-04 (0.9.8)

New Features:

  • New feedback area moved below existing resource display area
  • World database now prompts for update instead of doing so automatically
2010-07-03 (0.9.7)

New Features:

  • Enhanced town switcher, aiding inter-town management
    • Town resources now shown on rollover
    • Extra link on the right brings up context menu for the town

Bug Fixes:

  • More special characters handled properly when linkifying URLs in chat
2010-06-19 (0.9.6)

New Features:

  • Option added to choose a unique icon color for each timer event
  • World map parties showing general (compass) direction of travel
  • Menus made slightly transparent so inadvertent expansion is less disruptive
  • Unknown origins now blank instead of showing "Empty Plot (0|0)" in the event list and overlays
  • Added town/player population to event list town popups
  • URLs in chat now automatically made links

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed chat bug that stripped the plus symbol from messages
  • Fixed order of coordinates in event list (incoming events mismatched cities to coordinates)
  • Limited chat input to the length accepted by the chat server (400 characters)
2010-05-27 (0.9.5)
  • Timer lists now live
  • Integrated chat in sidebar tabs to replace Illyriad's cludgy widgets
  • More descriptive event tooltips
2010-05-25 (0.9.1)
  • Outdated events now automatically removed from view after a user-configured per-event-type grace period (live)
  • Sidebar auto-expansion is now an optional setting
    • Sidebar tooltips more informative to compensate for loss of hover-sensitive information
  • Fixed date parsing for recallable events
  • Included (experimental) instructions for enabling Mozilla Weave to sync HarmlessButler data
2010-05-23 (0.9.0)
  • New events and management sidebar and first use--chronologically ordered, concise event listing with descriptive icons
    • Display of timers, arrival times, and milliseconds in timers user-configurable
    • Clicking on event sources and destinations produces a popup like the world map (but with more information)
    • Trade events can be filtered from view
    • (some events not tested or graphically supported, such as siege and razing)
  • Improved layout of new Town Management section of the town nav menu
  • Floating tooltip system now stops at right edge of page without collapsing
  • Fixed regression from 0.8.5 that prevented towndata from ever being updated
2010-05-21 (0.8.5)
  • Fixed Thundercat's live clock update
  • Improved menu aesthetics
  • More menu options
2010-05-16 (0.8.4)
  • Built-in context menus now have larger, easier-to-click links
2010-05-15 (0.8.4beta3)
  • Parsing bug for player towns with negative coordinates fixed
  • Town list parsing bug for single-town accounts fixed
  • Town switcher disabled for single-town accounts
2010-05-15 (0.8.4beta2)
  • Fixed some profiling capabilities added in 0.8.3 that broke the script for players who did not have Firebug installed (in addition to much more verbose logging output, profiling output now also only occurs when the script's "debugMode" is on)
  • Fixed a bug where tooltips with apostrophes prevented the upgrade of that and subsequent tooltips (particularly occurring on the world map)
2010-05-14 (0.8.4beta1)
  • Removed map reading component at GM's request
  • Improved town switching behavior (should be more reliable and presentationally consistent)
  • Various minor grammatical and technical tweaks
  • As yet unused groundwork laid for upcoming features (which are taking too long to further delay the release of a GM-approved version)
2010-05-04 (0.8.3)
  • Added unique diplomatic party icons for the world map
2010-05-01 (0.8.2)
  • Added world map bookmarks
  • Improved database memory performance
  • Improved town menu behavior (now gracefully degrades to partial menus when building data is lacking)
  • Fixed a bug where the script would not operate until at least two towns had been visited after fresh install.
2010-04-30 (0.8.1)
  • Fixed a bug affecting user town map data (causing some navigation menus to break)
2010-04-30 (0.8)
  • Navbar menus added
  • City switcher replaced
  • Made use of "Covert Mission" default
  • Party info div now shows player races
  • Client-side database now only loads when there are parties in the world map on which to compile information (or when needed for the upcoming data lookup screen).
2010-04-27 (0.7)
  • First Release