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Here are the latest efforts to expand Arcanum Illyria's contents and basic library of game information.

The help page lists general resources to help new editors get started, but also contains substantial advice on how to handle various contents specific to this wiki. All editors are strongly encouraged to review that page before contributing new pages or content.


Standard Game Unit/Item Pages

We've recently put together a number of sidebar templates that will streamline creating new pages for a number of broad categories, and improve their overall quality. Below is a list of those templates along with their documentation pages and a page showing example use. HonoredMule is personally handling the resource pages as they are unusually complex and arcane in detail, but adding pages or elaborating that use any of the other templates makes a great way to get started as an editor.

Special-purpose content templates
Template w/DocumentationExample Page
Military UnitsTemplate:Infobox MilitaryElven Trueshot
Diplomatic UnitsTemplate:Infobox DiplomatRogue
ResearchTemplate:Infobox ResearchTheft
Spells/MagicTemplate:Infobox SpellWard of Destruction (spell)
QuestsTemplate:Infobox QuestA Fletching Idea
ResourcesTemplate:Infobox ResourceWood

Many of the pages have been now created, but may be missing bits of information or worthy of more extensive commentary/explanation. See the sections below on incomplete and stub pages for further information. In addition, there are now unit and structure page categories for sovereignty buildings, NPC's, and faction units, which are still missing many pages. Please consult an existing page for format and structure (as well as the help page) before adding new ones

Some quest pages may exist using a generalized template for sidebar information and, when discovered, should be upgraded. The newer format is actually much simpler as well as more attractive and informative--for an example page upgrade, see Ploughshares into Swords.

Maintenance Lists

Arcanum Illyria has recently implemented a new way to track areas of high priority need. With the high volume of content not yet even broached, it's hard to know where new contributions would be most appreciated and not trample on work already in progress. Pages using the following template are automatically listed in Category:Articles Needing Attention.


Aside from generic quality indicators (the "incomplete" and "stub" headers discussed below), any specific details of what work is needed should be listed in the article's talk page. If there are any questions or need for clarification, post them in the talk page as well.

All users are welcome and encouraged to assist in the improvement of these pages. And if you feel you can singlehandedly supply a high-quality piece of work matching all of this site's guidelines, take personal ownership of the page and its maintenance needs by changing the template inclusion to read (case sensitive):

 {{todo|Your User Name}}

Doing so will remove it from the "anonymous" maintenance pool, and reserve the needed work for yourself with minimal (but still some) interference by other editors. If at any time you feel you have gotten in over your head, set the template back to its original call (remove your username) and it will be released back into the public pool. Please do not completely remove the template yourself. Senior editors will remove it when they deem the article no longer a high priority for improvement.

Articles in Progress

If you start a new page and are unable to immediately write it as a complete work meeting the standards of this wiki, preface the content by transcluding Template:Stub, like so:


This will identify it as a work in progress, and also help other contributors find the page and help bring it up to standard. This is also a good way to get some hands-on assistance and advice on writing high-quality content plus using more advanced wiki features.

You can find here a list of stub pages.

Incomplete Pages

If the article is mostly complete but missing details you cannot supply, then instead use the template:


This will add it to the list of incomplete pages where hopefully someone else can supply the missing details. Be sure to look very carefully for anything missing before de-listing a page as incomplete, and re-list it as a {{Stub}} even if it is complete. Senior editors will have the final say on whether an article is finally complete and mature.

The best place to start improving the wiki is with pages that are already started but still poor in quality or completeness. Note: pages marked as incomplete should have clearly marked blanks that casual editors can find and fill in with minimal expertise, as opposed to seamless gaps the information presented or entire sections absent. Pages with more substantial shortcomings should remain marked as stubs instead.

You can find here a list of incomplete pages.