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Elgea:List of Training Alliances

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The following alliances advertise their primary purpose as the training and assistance of new players.

NameTicker symbol
Is this alliance a gateway to its parent
  • yes means players can only get into the parent by graduating from this training alliance.
  • no means membership in the training alliance is not even considered when evaluating applications to the parent (or there is no parent).
  • a dash (-) means the parent does not require graduating through their training alliance, but may consider your performance while in it.
Recruiting Wing
What is the expected duration of membership
  • yes means players are expected to stay.
  • no means they are expected to graduate and leave once trained.
  • a dash (-) means players may leave whenever they like.
How are members expected to behave toward other players
  • yes means players must not get into fights.
  • no means it's expected they will.
  • dash (-) means fighting is neither encouraged nor discouraged.
The training alliance is part of the same family as these.
Parent/Sister Alliances
Basic rules members are expected to follow.
Children of IlúvatarCHILL--yesOrder of the Valar
Dark Star AcademyDSA???
The Dark Star Dominion consists of several alliances
TCol, …
The Dark Star Dominion settles Mal Motsha
Dwarven in-lawDiL
for dwarves
-yesDwarven LordsNot only for dwarves. Interaction and commitment in the alliance life and growth is appreciated.
Free Defense UnionFDUno-yes
Shrap's Memorial Academy
Illy Training Ground
Learn and grow at your own pace and help others to do the same, do not attack other players, graduate and move on when you have grown.
Heroes of the HornHOTH--yesWheel of TimeShiny things for all new members
Illy Training GroundITGno-yes
Free Defense Union
Shrap's Mem. Academy
Learn, stay active, no fighting.
Insanitys ChildSibyl-yes-Insanity IncTraining for Warrior Noobs with a focus on military strategy and city customizations
Night Squires~NS~-nono-While a member of NS, you will learn by doing. The original and the best military training alliance. Founded and operated by Myr.
Phoenix RisingArise--yes-formerly known as "Knights Temperance"
Quenya and SindariQ&Snonoyes-elf only, limited to 10 newbies at once
RhyletRHYLyesyesyesRhyagelleStay active, be a part of the community. Don't attack any players in alliances.
Shrap's Mem. AcademySMAno-yes
Free Defense Union
Illy Training Ground
Learn, stay active, no fight, pay it forward if possible.
Skull's Training PitBSHxyes-noBlack Skull HordeBe an Orc and reside in or relocate to Mal Motsha
Steel FoundryFORGE--yesSteel ConfessorsExtra focus will be spent on the New Merchant Trade System
TNT AllianceTNTnoyesyes-Free-thinking newbies welcomed. Stay active, non-aggressive and learn in a trade-based alliance.
ToothlessT?-noyesHarmlessLearn, stay active, no fighting with other players, find new home when grown.
TOR UniversityTOR-U--yesThe Old RepublicThere are currently five faculties.
WE TRAINWET-?yesWorlds End