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Factions are groups of NPC's that inhabit the various lands of Illyria. They can either help or hinder the player's progress in-game; their actions depend on their alignment with the player:

Alignment & Meaning

  • +90: May join on aggressive missions
  • +75: May assist city if under siege near territory
  • +50: May join and assist units if camped near territory
  • +35: Will offer faction quests
  • +1 to +35: Will trade at discounted prices (sliding scale)
  • 0: Neutral
  • -1 to -35: Will trade but at inflated prices (sliding scale)
  • -35: Will refuse to trade
  • -50: May attack and kill units camped in "their territory"
  • -75: Will actively seek out and destroy cities within a certain distance of faction hub
  • -90: Pure hatred, will attempt to destroy at any cost

Currently, there's no way to gain or lose alignment, however, and there are no faction quests.

Faction AI

Most factions are capable of setting up camps in the lands of Illyria within a certain distance of the faction hub. Currently, the following factions may attack the player:

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Factions are NPC alliances that inhabit the various regions of Illyriad.

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