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Mage Tower

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Building Details
Mage Tower
Build Location Inner City
Primary Function Producing
Related Structures
Producing Mage Tower
Produce Resource Mana
Enable System Magic
Research Arcana
City Buildings - Buildings

The Mage Tower is a city building that generates Mana and enables spell casting.

Building a Mage Tower first requires researching Arcana.

Costs and Production Rate
Level Build Cost Upkeep Output
Natural resource
Natural resource
Natural resource
Natural resource
Measured span of time
either expressed as components ([Ad] [Bh] [Cm] [Ds])
or one to three ordinals ([[hhh:]mm:]ss).
Times are always exact to the second.
Rate of wood consumption
Expressed in units per hour
Wood per Hour
Rate of clay consumption
Expressed in units per hour
Clay per Hour
Rate of iron consumption
Expressed in units per hour
Iron per Hour
Rate of stone consumption
Expressed in units per hour
Stone per Hour
Rate of food consumption
Expressed in units per hour
Food per Hour
Rate of mana consumption
Expressed in units per hour
Mana per Hour
1 5050505010:00 ----5/h 8/h
2 9090909020:00 ----6/h 10/h
3 16016016016040:00 ----9/h 14/h
4 2812812812811:10:00 ----12/h 20/h
5 4904904904902:10:00 ----16/h 28/h
6 8438438438433:35:00 ----22/h 38/h
7 1,4341,4341,4341,4345:20:00 ----30/h 52/h
8 2,4092,4092,4092,4097:50:00 ----40/h 72/h
9 4,0004,0004,0004,00011:30:00 ----55/h 98/h
10 6,5606,5606,5606,56016:40:00 ----74/h 134/h
11 10,62810,62810,62810,62822:12:00 ----100/h 182/h
12 17,00517,00517,00517,00527:30:00 ----135/h 244/h
13 26,86826,86826,86826,86834:43:00 ----183/h 326/h
14 41,91541,91541,91541,91541:40:00 ----247/h 432/h
15 64,54964,54964,54964,54950:00:00 ----333/h 570/h
16 98,11598,11598,11598,11558:20:00 ----450/h 746/h
17 147,173147,173147,173147,17369:27:00 ----608/h 968/h
18 217,816217,816217,816217,81680:33:00 ----821/h 1,248/h
19 318,011318,011318,011318,01194:26:00 ----1,109/h 1,596/h
20 457,936457,936457,936457,936108:08:00 ----1,497/h 2,026/h