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There are no links to the overall categories on the main page! There needs to be some way for someone visiting the main page to see at least the top level hierarchy of the articles. Requiring users to use the search greatly limits the accessibility of the articles. JuicyJuuce 03:28, 8 August 2012 (ADT)

Check out Special:Categories, maybe it does what you want here; after all it's a small wiki. Or look at Category:Game Features, it contains various relevant categories (quests, research, buildings, and more). –Dunnoob 03:53, 8 August 2012 (ADT)
Yes, I think Category:Game Features could be a good place to start. I think ultimately having a section on the main page that is a reformatted version of Category:Game Features would be best, however, simply placing that link somewhere front-and-center on the Main Page would be a huge help to new visitors. I'll go ahead and do it if I don't hear an objection. JuicyJuuce 05:01, 8 August 2012 (ADT)
+1. The main page is protected, you could view + copy + paste it into User:JuicyJuuce/draft or Main Page/draft, edit the draft as you want it, and then ask HonoredMule to update the protected page. –Dunnoob 17:31, 8 August 2012 (ADT)

There is another problem in this wiki. A number of links are red because the word linking is plural and the page it is trying to link to is singular. An example is this: there is a page called "Skinner". But pages that reference it say "Skinners", as in "[this resource] is harvested by Skinners" and a link is provided to the non existent page "Skinners", while a page called "Skinner" exist. The sentence can't be changed to use the singular, I suggest renaming pages to the plural. YMMV. But it makes navigation a pain.

For content that's been following the content guidelines, there's no problem. Any link that's red because it's plural just needs to be properly formed. i.e. Skinners (note in source the s is outside the link syntax, but gets automatically included in the link). If necessary, the link text need not even remotely match the actual link target. As a rule of thumb, always fix content to respect organization - don't compromise organization just to support bad content. Alias pages can help at first, but as the number of them grows new problems arise. So clean organization first, and then fixing content is always easier anyway.