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Trade Hubs

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Trade Hubs are NPC-controlled towns with which players can interact, primarily via trade. They are owned and operated by local factions.

The main function of trade hubs - as the name would suggest - is as a place for players to place and accept offers to buy or sell resources of any kind. Any type of resource - basic, player produced, gathered, crafted, and even prestige in the form of prestige scrolls can be traded at hubs (whereas the city based marketplace trading is restricted to basic resources and simple player produced goods).

Another important function for trade hubs however is to function as safe deposits. Players' storage space at the hubs is unlimited, and the goods deposited there are safe from thieves and raiders. Even goods belonging to accounts whose every city is razed in war will be safe at trade hubs, waiting to become accessible once the unfortunate ruler's new settlement has produced a trader to claim it.

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